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    Natural Health – Behind The Scenes

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    Natural Health – Behind The Scenes Empty Natural Health – Behind The Scenes

    Post by astroth Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:35 pm

    Read the short interview below and video of Stacy Keibler working with Natural Health. Buy a copy and read the full interview.

    “It changed my life,” Stacy Keibler declares. No, she’s not talking about hosting Lifetime’s latest competitive cooking show, Supermarket Superstar; her two years dating George Clooney, aka America’s Favorite Human; or even falling for her new beau, Jared Pobre, the handsome CEO of the alternative media company Future Ads. She’s referring to a 21-day cleanse she tried last fall, based on the book Clean by Alejandro Junger, M.D. “I cut out night-shade vegetables, like eggplants and tomatoes, and didn’t eat any dairy or gluten. I saw the difference in my body, my energy and my mental clarity. Even the whites of my eyes were clearer,” says the 34-year-old former WWE wrestler. “I’ve always been healthy, but this began a full health journey for me.” Just off a whirlwind few days that included Paris Fashion Week and a full-blown birthday extravaganza Pobre threw for her back home in Los Angeles, the down-to-earth glamazon took some time to talk to Natural Health about her wholesome habits, her business ventures and the role of love and dancing in her happy life.  Watch the behind-the-scenes video of Stacy at the Natural Health cover shoot!

    NH: We’ve been following you on Instagram, and it looks like, with all your recent travels, you’ve been having a lot of fun!

    SK: Yes! But you know what? I’m blessed: I always have fun!

    NH: You seem to get a lot done, too. You launched a sportswear line in September with Meesh & Mia, and now you’re developing a line of healthy packaged food as well, right?

    SK: I’ve been developing it for a while—I just keep modifying what I want to do. The main goal is to make convenient, healthy food for people 2 to 92. I’ve learned so much by researching what foods cause inflammation; I want to take those foods out but give people such good things to eat, they don’t even realize what’s missing.

    NH: If someone asks you what she can do to change her diet, what do you say?

    SK: If you’re just starting, I say eliminate dairy and wheat. A lot of people who thought their external environment was the cause of their allergies see their symptoms go away when those foods are cut out. You can really get a sense of clarity and may reduce inflammation in your system.

    NH: What dairy substitute do you like?

    SK: I don’t eat soy, so I use coconut milk or almond milk. I’m not a coffee drinker either—instead, I start the day with hot water and lemon. It’s very cleansing and healing and gets everything moving. And so inexpensive and simple!

    NH: Some people think that eating healthy is too pricey.

    SK: You’re either going to pay at the grocery store or at the doctor!

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