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    Important!: New forum name


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    Important!: New forum name Empty Important!: New forum name

    Post by Admin Tue Jun 06, 2023 1:03 pm


    The forum name change is now complete, remember to update your bookmark to:

    The current URL
    will only be valid for 2 more weeks. A tweet with the new URL is also pinned at

    It's been over 14 years since this Forum was created by myself and I would like to thank everybody for visiting over the years, especially the members who have contributed to the forum - John (Zulph), Barry, Ryan. Also a thank you to Stacy too, I would be very intrigued to know if you've visited over the years and what you think of the forum as , of course, the forum really is for you & it's also place for your fans (I prefer the term Fam) & supporters over the years to meet up & chat. You're very very welcome to join too Stacy K, you will be our spectacularly special & super awesome V.I.P. !!

    Thank you for reading !!


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