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    Wrestling news & notes


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    Wrestling news & notes Empty Wrestling news & notes

    Post by Admin Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:13 pm

    * According to the Observer newsletter, there's talk about ending the guest host storyline on 'Raw' with a big name to become the full time GM.

    * The live TNA Impact! gained an overall 1.5 rating (2.2 million viewers), in comparison, 'Raw' gained a 3.6 with Bret as guest host.

    * Bobby Lashley will be facing Yohan Banks in his first Strikeforce fight on 1/30

    * Former WCW/All Japan Pro-Wrestling/WWE/UWF star Steve Williams (better known as 'Dr Death' Steve Williams) passed away recently, he was 49 and was a major star in Japanese pro-wrestling along with the late Terry 'Bam Bam' Gordy.

    * TNA have released Cody Deaner (who was the storyline boyfriend of ODB) & WWE have released DJ Gabriel

    * There's talk of RVD possibly returning at the Royal Rumble

    * The WWE draft will be held after 'WrestleMania' this year, rumored to be joining the 'Raw' brand is Edge

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